I have had various experiences with various electrician service. Usually, they post an advertisement about how splendid their work is but in reality, they might not really be as good as they claim they are. This is peculiar to a large niche of electrical service companies across a large sphere too. Certain electrical service companies have proved to not be part of this bunch of not-so-good companies, which claim otherwise. So just two days ago, I had a bit of issues with my car plug. This is totally unrelated to the work specifications of most electrical companies, however, at the time, I had some technicians from the only good electrical service company I know of working on my light bulbs, changing the bad bulbs and replacing bad lamp holders.


My house electric troubles rendered me immobile as a result of the plug issue. Although this isn’t part of their job description, one very pleasant technician who was part of the team working in my house had come to help out with the issue. I was absolutely taken by surprise as a result of this kind gesture by this electrician service. Oh and guess what? – I had a meeting, which I could not miss for any reason, no matter what. As if the technician knew, he came and took a look at my car, asked me some related questions that made me know he was actually learned in his field of work. He even knew some things that I had never been aware of until then. Two hours later, this angel was done working on my car and he had running on the road in no time. I had to call his manager to recommend that he be promoted and given more shifts because he is a true representation of the ideals and virtues of the company he works for. Although he refused to accept whatever payment I gave him for his work, I eventually forced him to collect it by giving it to the team leader to issue him as part of his payment for the work done in my house. I want to also state that the team did an awesome job because of the fact that I no longer had any issues with my light bulbs and lamp holders. This light bulb issue stemmed from the fact that another electrical company had installed them. I did not know much about that electrical company.


A great company, I had a very good time with their service and they give me a good time. The prices were good and that made me happy, some other services, which I have hired before have charged me way too high to be happy. This was a big happiness moment for me and, I am going to recommend them to my friends and relatives. This is a very good option no matter how big or small your work is, so hire them and you will never regret your choice.